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Webform Spam is an Email Conversion Killer.

SpamKill blocks every type of webform spam bot.

→ SpamKill is (re)captcha-free.

→ SpamKill is built exclusively for Infusionsoft©

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Sending emails to spam submissions will result in a decline in your ability to reach the Inbox (vs the Junk folder), confirmation email included.

Lower Inbox Rate → Less Conversions → Decline in Sales

How does webform spam damage your sales?

Spam bot submissions use other people's email addresses without their knowledge, so when the real owners receive your email, they often end up reporting your email as spam, that includes the (double optin) confirmation email.

Every spam report damages your domain's reputation. That results in lower inbox rate (your chance of reaching the Inbox vs the Junk folder). No Inbox means no conversion.

SpamKill stops webform spams before they reach Infusionsoft.

spamkill integration
Easy to implement, Preserves all the automation

SpamKill works on top of your Infusionsoft webforms. Our magic code converter will take your Infusionsoft webform code and convert it into the spamproof form code. Whatever automation you have in place, it will continue to function in the same manner.

how spamkill works

How does SpamKill function?

SpamKill works as filtering gate between your webform and Infusionsoft. Only human submissions will be sent to Infusionsoft.

It works with both types of webforms - legacy and campaign builder. 

As easy as putting in the Infusionsoft code

Simple 3-step process to converts your Infusionsoft webform code into the SpamKill protected webform code

  1. 1

    Paste Infusionsoft webform's code into our Code Converter

    Copy the HTML code from Infusionsoft and paste in the converter

  2. 2

    Press the magic button - "Convert"

    Easy so far, right?

  3. 3

    Copy the new SpamKill protected code

    Now you've the SpamKill protected code, put it on your website just like you would put Infusionsoft code

“It has been really magic, with no captchas, really simple to implement on the website, as easy as putting in the infusionsoft code. It really has made me look like a complete hero to my client.”
Lisa Catto
Infusionsoft Certified Partner

The Unlimited Plan

  • 30-day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Webforms
  • Unlimited Contacts
SAVE 22%

Per Month, Paid Annually.

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Per Month, Paid Monthly.

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SpamKill's Trade Secret (Shhh...)

They say if you want to break something, learn how it works.

We did exactly that. We consulted some "good" bot developers to understand how "bad" bots work. Any automation bot looks for similarities. Since all webforms generated by Infusionsoft are almost same, they are a easy target.

In addition to some standard practises to block webform spams, the most unique feature of SpamKill is that every webform has unique structure, making it impossible for spam bots to develop a pattern, though it would appear the same to your visitors visually. If you convert even the same webform twice, the code would be different both the times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it on my wordpress website?

Yes, SpamKill works on any platform which can accept HTML form code. The converter provides instructions for these three implementation - standalone HTML, OptimizePress and ClickFunnes. If you are facing difficulties implementating with any other platform, please get in touch with support and we'll help you with that.

My form has custom fields, would it work?


I have a sequenced triggered by my webform. How can I make it work with SpamKill?

You do not have to do anything. The lead would be processed just like if it was submitted via the Infusionsoft webform.

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